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Special Education Advocacy

Let’s be honest: the special education system is not user-friendly, especially for parents and guardians, and no one wants to file for due process. Whether you are seeking special education services, if your student already has an IEP or your student has a Section 504 plan needing to transition to an IEP, our Special Education Advocates will work collaboratively with you to assist you in understanding the process each step of the way. Our team is highly skilled in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), decreasing the likelihood of filing for due process while helping to launch your student toward success.

Section 504-AdvocacySD

Section 504

If your student does not qualify for special education but needs accommodations due to a medically-documented disability, our Special Education Advocates will help to ensure your student receives a meaningful Section 504 plan. This general education function may help support your student launch to success.

Section 504-AdvocacySD


In addition to interpreting and helping you to understand testing completed by a school district or private assessor, we offer academic assessments to students of all levels of need regardless of an IEP or Section 504 plan . Rest assured you will be receiving a thorough analysis of your student’s abilities from a qualified, unbiased assessor through our Special Education Advocates.


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