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Manifestation Determination, Suspension / Expulsion

Hearing that your student has been suspended or is going to be “up for expulsion” is both scary and confusing. Every student, regardless of whether or not they have special needs or mental health issues, are entitled to certain due process rights when they are suspended or expelled. But, if your student does have special needs or mental health issues previously identified by the school, they are entitled to even more due process rights. The school district may or may not explain this to you, or they may try to get you to agree to things without honoring your student’ rights. They may try to avoid suspension by sending your student home instead of honoring your student’s due process rights.

The Education Advocates at AdvocacySD have a thorough understanding of what age school is required to do in order to honor your student’s rights. Hiring a Special Education Advocate to assist you through this challenging time will not only enable you to better understand the process, but will help to ensure that school honors your student’s rights by following the law. Whether the school is sending your child home and keeping them out of the classroom, or your student has been the subject of a wrongful suspension or possibly is up for expulsion, our Education Advocates can review your situation and assist you in obtaining the correct outcome.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

When you’ve been to multiple IEP meetings yet nothing seems resolved ADR is a great solution to achieve quick resolution to IEP and Section 504 challenges. ADR is a step often taken prior to a family filing for due process and typically allows a family to avoid due process entirely. Without the stress of attorneys or full IEP teams, ADR is a collaborative process, allowing for better conversation leading to better results. AdvocacySD advocates specialize in the ADR process and are well-equipped to lead you to a successful outcome, including nonpublic school and residential program placements, as well as compensatory education.

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