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Let’s be honest: the special education system is not user-friendly, especially for parents and guardians. Even though you think the school should be supporting your student, it often doesn’t feel that way. Whether you are seeking special education services, if your student already has an IEP or your student has a Section 504 plan needing to transition to an IEP, our Special Education Advocates will work collaboratively with you to assist you in understanding the process each step of the way while working to ensure your student’s needs are met by the school.

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Manifestation Determination, Suspension / Expulsion

Has your child been suspended or does the school keep sending your student home instead of a formal suspension? Click here to learn more about how we can help with disciplinary problems at your student’s school.


Manifestation Determination/Suspension, image of a frustrated parent sitting at his desk
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What if my student has an IEP but needs residential placement?

If your student is experiencing significant mental health challenges and does not seem to be improving despite their IEP, therapy, intensive outpatient treatment or hospitalizations, your student may need more intensive services through a therapeutic or residential program placement. In fact, your school district may be responsible for funding your student’s residential placement. Our advocates are knowledgeable in district-approved residential programs and are able to help determine which program is best for your student, while working with you to assist in obtaining district-funding for the placement.


What if I Disagree with what the School is Offering for my Student?

Often times a school district will offer something for your student that isn’t what you feel they need. Maybe it’s too much or perhaps they aren’t offering a service. Trust your gut: if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Our special education advocates are trained to resolve disputes. Learn more about what we can do to help here..



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