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College Accommodations

What happens to an IEP or Section 504 plan when your student transitions to community college or a four-year program? How does your student obtain needed accommodations at the postsecondary level? Our skilled educational advocates will evaluate the accommodations the colleges are most likely to approve and walk you through the steps to obtain those accommodations.


Transition Services

For students ages 18-22 who earn a certificate of completion, they are eligible to access transition programming from the school district and the community. Our team will help your student navigate those services to determine the best opportunities to launch them toward success. Our special education advocates will walk your student through each step of transition planning, assisting them in launching toward success.


Gap Year Programs

AdvocacySD is excited to announce that it is starting to provide Gap Year counseling to young adults with mild/moderate disabilities! Our educational consultant may assist your student with adding a Gap Year as part of his or her transition planning. Keep checking back for more updates or contact us to learn more!


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